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Overview of GeoProfile with Heatmap

Overview with Sidebar

The GeoProfile interface with a geographic profile viewed as a blended heatmap. A crime scene list on the left provides basic information on the incidents. Clicking on a row brings up a window with the details of that crime scene. Crime scenes can be toggled on and off for inclusion in the profile using the checkboxes; the profile can then be recalculated by clicking the Analyze button in the toolbar. The interactive map on the right projects the probability map over a street map for easy exploration of the geographic profile. The toolbar at the top provides access to the settings, help and report.

Overview of GeoProfile with Hidden Crime Scene List

Overview Without Sidebar

The crime scene list can be hidden to get a fuller view of the geographic profile.

Overview of GeoProfile with Contours

Overview with Contours

A geographic profile in viewed in GeoProfile using the ten-contour probability map.

Suspects Window

Suspect Window

Suspects are ranked by the percent of the search area that has to be searched before reaching their base of operations. The search area is defined as the minimum bounding rectangle of the crime scenes. The search pattern is defined as a search that starts with the highest point of probability and progressively moves to less probable points.

Profile Legend


The legend makes it easy to immediately make sense of the geographic profile the very first time a user logs in to GeoProfile.

Contour Settings Window

Contour Menu

The probability map is a visual representation of the most probable location of an offender’s anchor point. It can be viewed with discrete contours or as a blended heat map. The number and size of the contours are irrelevant; they simply provide a visual cue to aid in sectioning off geographic areas to search. The number contours can be adjusted to create search areas that match an agency’s resources.

Opacity Settings Window

Opacity Menu

The opacity of the probability map can be adjusted to get a better view of either the street map or the probability map.

Exported Geographic Profile Viewed in Google Earth

Google Earth

Geographic profiles can be exported to the KML format for viewing in Google Earth. The exported profile includes crime scene information, suspect rankings and excerpts from the report as popup info windows. The export feature makes it easy to distribute the profile to other analysts and investigators through email.