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Interactive Street Map

The probability map is overlaid an interactive street map for easy exploration of the profile down to the block level and beyond.

Capture More Information Per Profile

Each profile includes over half a million points of probability. This resolution, which is significantly higher than other software, allows you to make better informed decisions even at the highest levels of zoom.

Toggle Crime Scenes

Incidents can be toggled on and off for inclusion in the profile using the checkboxes; the profile can then be easily reanalyzed in seconds. Investigators are encouraged to include every incident that may be a part of the series. If they learn later that the scene is not linked to the series, then it can be turned off.

Prioritize Suspects

GeoProfile ranks suspects based on their location within the profile using a metric called search cost. Either hand-enter suspects for viewing on the map or upload a list containing thousands of potential suspects (e.g. sex offender, parole and probation lists). GeoProfile will return the list reordered to reflect their rank and report each person’s search cost.

View Custom Report

Each profile comes with a custom report that summarizes the series, ranks suspects and provides detailed information on interpreting and using the profile. You are free to include any part of the document in your own reports as well as modify the content to fit your agency’s needs.

Export Profiles

Profile can be exported to the KML format for viewing in Google Earth. The exported profile includes crime scene information, suspect rankings and excerpts from the report as popup info windows.

Enjoy the Confidence of an Expert Review

Each profile is reviewed by myself or another geographic profiling expert at no extra cost to ensure that the series was imported and analyzed correctly.