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What is GeoProfile?

Geographic profiling has been around for nearly twenty years. However, it has yet to see widespread use by investigators. This could be because geographic profiling software is either too expensive or too difficult to use. After extensive research into the theory and practice of geographic profiling, I realized it didn’t have to be either.

As a student of the Forensic Psychology M.A. program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, I decided to use my thesis to make geographic profiling accessible to any law enforcement agency that wanted to incorporate the practice into their investigations. My research involved designing, developing and testing the accuracy of a new geographic profiling application built around four core principles: simplicity, speed, affordability and accuracy. Read the thesis. The result was GeoProfile, an intuitive and affordable web-based geographic profiling application.

What is geographic profiling?

Geographic profiling is the practice of using the psychology of spatial behavior and target selection to predict where a serial offender operates out of. The output of a geographic profile is a probability map, depicted as a contoured or blended heat map, that provides investigators with areas to search for the offender. Investigators can use the profile to prioritize suspects and leads, canvas neighborhoods, distribute information requesting help from the public and saturate patrols. Learn more about geographic profiling.

How do I analyze a series with GeoProfile?

Please contact me if you would like to analyze a series with GeoProfile.

Why is GeoProfile a web-based application?

The major reason for creating GeoProfile was to increase the accessibility of geographic profiling. Unfortunately, computers—especially those used by law enforcement agencies that are often strapped for cash—can become an obstacle to using the latest technology. Agencies use different operating systems of various ages and employ a wide range of security procedures.

An online application offers several advantages. There are no files to download and nothing to install. That means no admin or write privileges are needed to get started. Updates are incorporated automatically and silently on the server so agencies never have to do anything to take advantage of the latest features. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter which operating system an agencies uses—as long as they have a somewhat modern browser, they have access to geographic profiling. Finally, the online nature of GeoProfile provides a centralized location for you geographic profiles. Investigators can share profiles with others in your agency or fusion center by simply sending them the login information, regardless if the work in the same building or across the state.

Can a geographic profiler analyze my series instead?

Yes. I am available to analyze your series. The geographic profile will include a detailed report with expert analysis, suspect prioritization, investigative suggestions, access to the profile in GeoProfile and discussion of the series with myself.

Can I have my investigators or analysts trained in geographic profiling?

Yes. I am available to train law enforcement investigators and analysts to perform geographic profiling. Training courses will be structured to fit your needs. Courses usually run from one to five days and will focus on the tools of your choice (CrimeStat, Dragnet, ArcMap, GeoProfile or even Excel).